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Labranda Hotels

Labranda Hotels Main Pool at Labranda Idrissides Premium Club

How Can I Get the Best Labranda Hotels Deals?

Book Labranda Hotels & Resorts with Global Hoppers. With a total of 24 hotels situated in holiday hotspots around Europe. It’s been a busy time since the recent launch this new hotel group, as the brand and organisation has grown to include no less than 43 hotels, spread over seven countries.

Who Are Labranda Hotels?

While Labranda Hotels might appear something of a new sensation, having been launched relatively recently, the brand incorporates many distinguished hotels from all over the continent, including some of the most idyllic beachside locations. Together, they offer a total of 4,500 rooms, which over the course of a year will be able to accommodate an incredible half a million guests.

Labranda offers consistency in the desirable location of their establishments. Irrespective of their rating, every hotel offers a location with a direct connection to the sea; in many cases, this means a position almost on the water’s edge. When it comes to mod cons, guests can be reassured by free wifi across all hotels in the group, while on-site eateries combine the best of local produce in addition to internationally focused menus.

Hotels in the Labranda Hotels group will proudly fly the flag of the organisation while staying true to their own unique founding values and characteristics.

Why Labranda Hotels & Global Hoppers?

At Global Hoppers we are proud to be able to offer you great holiday deals on Labranda Hotels through our partnership.

Labranda All Inclusive Holidays offer flight inclusive package holiday deals to Labranda Hotels in Greece, and Malta also Turkey and Morocco.

Plus the entire range of All Inclusive Hotels in  Fuerteventura and Tenerife also Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

Can You Tell Me More About How Labranda Hotels Work?

Labranda Hotels fall into one of the seven sub-brands which make up the diverse Labranda portfolio. They are:

What Are Labranda Premium Hotels?

Labranda Premium Hotels are intended for travel connoisseurs who value the height of luxury and exclusivity in their accommodation. Labranda Hotels which make up this sub-brand are typically five-star resorts exhibiting the best in contemporary design, boasting a beachside location and offering an unmatched dining experience.

What Are Labranda Super Beach Hotels?

For those in love with the sun, sea and sand, Labrabnda Super Beach hotels which are part of the Labranda brand are ideal – they are four-star hotels which offer the ultimate beach holidays.

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s the spirit embodied by the Select brand in the Labranda Hotels group – offering the opportunity for cultural excursions, all inclusive packages, and, of course, a comfortable and relaxing stay.

What Are Labranda Comfort Hotels?

These hotels are for guests searching the market for value, look no further than the Labranda Comfort brand, which are three and four-star establishments offering entertainment options at the hotel, as well as all-inclusive offerings.

What Are Labranda Charm Hotels?

If breakfast, self-catering or a half board option is high on your agenda, as well as the comfortable stay Labranda hotels are renowned for, look for the Charm sub-brand.

What Are Labranda Smart & Yummy Hotels?

Budget-friendly packages are offered by the Smart & Yummy brand, which incorporates three-star hotels with attractive all round offerings.

If a family vibe is more your thing, look for the Small & Friendly Labranda hotels, which offer a local setting and intimate atmosphere.